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to the sea of my heart

Hey there, I'm V, and this here is my webspace, the place that is the extension of myself, my corner of the web, and everything else other people like to say about their websites.

Get cozy, make yourself at home, and be true to yourself.


The current mood of vvvvvv at




Work has been becoming alot more tedious despite the fact nothing changed in my life, I think I just need something more in my life.

My Site and Substance


"I ramble about my website, and my mixed feelings on it, sorta, I'm not actually entirely sure..."

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I went to the Sonic Symphony in NYC


"I went to my first concert, and for Sonic the Hedgehog no less, a shorter Journal post detailing the experience there (it was incredible)."

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Come listen to me, will ya?


-New journal post, about my website and substance.


-Just a new journal post for today, about my experience at the Sonic Symphony in NYC.


-Redid my Fighting Game Mains page, had alot of fun making it, check it out!


-Happy June! Did the usual change up of the music player on the home page for this month and added 3 new backgrounds.

-New Page: I talk about Akira, specifically his iteration in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, check it out on my FgMains Page, fair warning, It's quite an image/video heavy page, I tried my best to optimize, but lmk if it takes quite a bit to load on your end..


-New Page: Rambles, alongside an accompanying Rambling about Phone Charms.

-New Page: Sitemap, self explanatory.


-New Media Log Post about the New Nintendo 3DS XL I bought.

-Remodeled Me page.

-Added a little startup sound upon entering home.


-Caught wind of the news that 123guestbook is shutting down unfortunately, served me well. So in light of the news I made a whole new guestbook based of Ayano's comment widget, alongside adding an archive of my old guestbook to the site aswell.

May Update 5/1/2024

-Happy May! Not a huge update, but something I wanted to push out nonetheless. Planning more stuff soon anyhow.

-Redesigned the Link & Sites page.

-Added 2 new backgrounds for the site.

-New playlist for the site for the new month.

-New Page: Microblog.

-Added Preloader to my site

-Made New buttons for my site.

-Other stuff under the hood.


-Just 2 New Journal posts for today, One talking about Fighting Games and why I sorta stopped, and another about Neocities stuff and personal sites.


-New Journal post here

-Changed the Music Player again, made it so that random music plays on page loads, and after a song ends, also has a dropdown playlist. A music player that finally has everything I want from one lol. Thanks to Nickolox since It was mainly based off his (I had permission, don't worry.)

-Music Player on homepage has 9 Songs now, Sorry I couldn't hit an even number lol.

-Added Javascript fallbacks.

-Removed Music player from Entrance and Media Log for now.


-Added option to switch backgrounds for the entrance and home page, IDK If I wanna do full blown themes for this version of my site but I'm testing my own waters.. 🌉 🌸

-Changed Status box design.

-Added 3 new random videos to the iMac.

-Reviewed the Pidgey line over at my Pokemon Ratings Page

-Misc stuff under the hood of the site.

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my music taste is ass sorry

These are cool i think

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