The musings and inner mechanations of a pre-hrt trans girl who thinks she's spending too much time on the web, figuring out life, one day at a time.

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My Site and Substance

[#006] [06/16/2024]

I ramble about my website, and my mixed feelings on it, sorta, I'm not actually entirely sure...

I went to the Sonic Symphony in NYC

[#005] [06/10/2024]

I went to my first concert, and for Sonic the Hedgehog no less, a shorter Journal post detailing the experience there (it was incredible).

Numbers are the greatest displeasure

[#004] [04/20/2024]

Neocities "drama" happened, got gears to turn in my head, the byproduct of that was me talking about some miffs with neocities, what my site is to me, and some other personal takes on personal sites.

I kinda stopped with fighting games for reasons.

[#003] [04/20/2024]

I spent alot of time playing fighting games back then, so why did I stop? I wrote a messy ramble about why in this journal post.

I don't like iframes sorry

[#002] [04/12/2024]

Random little journal post where I talk about mild distaste for iframes, alongside brief parts on accessibility, and other miscellaneous site stuff this update.

Mark of a new Era

[#001] [04/7/2024]

The beginning of a new era, talking about my time with my site, and talking why stuff on it is the way it is.