Pokemon Reviews

Inspired by Bogleech's and The Mythic System's respective Pokemon Reviews, I decided I'd like to take a shot at it aswell. I've been playing Pokemon for aslong as I've been a conscious human being, so the series and all the little freaks that came out of it mean alot to me, and deeply influenced my tastes in designs today.

Will be going completely in order, and caution, there WILL likely be differing opinions from yours.

Rating System

I made a rating system out of comformity, However my rating system is out of 6; with each Pokeball being 1 point, bear with me.

1 - Bad: Designs I very much do not like, whether it be a personal miff, not to my taste, or I flat out don't think it's well designed. I can Probably count on 1 hand how many Pokemon I think deserve this rating, though.

2 - Eh: Pokemon I just think are "Eh", Just don't quite do it for me, I might like an aspect or 2 about, but overall fall flat.

3 - Good: Perfectly fine mons, I like em for what they are, may not hit all the notes for me but what's there is nice.

4 - Great (Denoted by a Great Ball): Pokemon that strike some gold with me, Where I probably start calling Mon cool and stuff, have something very noteworthy about them. Pokemon here may also not have any true flaws.

5 - Awesome (Denoted by an Ultra Ball): Now getting into gushy territory, Pokemon I truly enjoy for a multiple aspects of them.

6 - Incredible (Denoted by a Master Ball): The cream of the crop, Mons that really do it for me for a myriad of reasons, almost no flaws

Ratings will judge the entire line as a whole, unless otherwise noted. Megas aswill other special forms will have seperate ratings. Regional Forms will be covered before that regionss respective dex.

Personal Favorite (Denoted by a Love Ball): If it's a Pokemon I Really love, the Master Ball will be replaced with this love ball, I have an utmost appreciation and love for whoever falls onto this rating, It should be considered a blessing.

Pokemon with a 5/6 will be denoted with a

Pokemon with a 6/6 will be denoted with a

Pokemon that are Personal Favorites will be denoted with a

More TBA...

Pokemon Art/Home art/Type Icons used from Lewtwos Pokemon Asset Archive.

Pokemon Animated Gifs from Project Pokemon

Pokemon Cries from Who's That Pokemon?

Pokemon BST Graph from NJS Guy BST Graph Genrator.