Charmander (#0004)

"I never realized how bald it looked"

The Lizard Pokemon

Abilities: Blaze, Solar Power



Obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.

Charmander Cry

It's Charmander, Don't really no what else to say about it, perfectly fine guy, cute even, but even more basic than Bulbasaur to me.

At the very least, It looks more obvious to it's inspiration compared to Bulbasaur, being a Lizard, just with orange skin and a flame on it's tail. But again a somewhat misleading name, not an actual Salamander.

Oh yeah, If the flame on it's tail goes out, it dies, fun.

Charmeleon #0004

"Child ages 60 years in only 16 levels."

The Flame Pokemon

Abilities: Blaze, Solar Power



When it swings its burning tail, it elevates the temperature to unbearably high levels.

Charmeleon Cry

I like Charmeleon a bit more, if marginally, I actually quite like the shade of red it becomes, I think this better depicts what a middle stage starter is compared to Ivysaur.

I will say though, Charmeleon just looks Old, Older looking than the Charizard it'll become. I think it's the somewhat sharp proportions of it's head, and the weird ass "horn" sticking out of it's head that give that impression to me.

Charizard #0006


The Flame Pokemon

Abilities: Blaze, Solar Power



Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.

Charizard Cry

I'm not huge on Charizard, Sorry.

As a kid growing up with Pokemon, I was never big on traditionally "cool" Pokemon, and as I grew and my tastes had chaged and developed a bit more I grew to appreciate some said "cool" Pokemon. Charizard though, still ain't it for me.

Doesn't help it's case that it's probably runner up to the Yellow Rat for being posterboy of the series. As unfair as it sounds, maybe I'm still just a tad bit sick of seeing Charizard everywhere in regards to Pokemon.

Design wise, It reverts back to Charmanders orange skin, becomes a little fatter, longer tail, and very notably, gains wings, bestowing it the Flying type.

If it wasn't obvious, Charizard it meant to depicts the stereotypical dragon - Minus the dragon typing. But being the weird little kid I was, I also did not care for the dragon design. Not helping is that it's a very generic dragon design, you can just "make" something like Charizard.

Funnily enough, it's always been historically the worst final starter evolution historically in competitive singles. For ages It's flying typing was more of a curse than anything, 4x Weakness to rock hurts. And we shan't mention it's arch nemesis; Stealth Rocks, until Gen 8 with the Introduction of Heavy Duty Boots, when stealth rocks were on the field Charizard would just immediately take 50% damage due to the quad rock weakness, what a shame.

Granted, In the sun it does still hit very hard, Fire/Flying is a solid STAB combination and with coverage in Solar Beam and having Solar Power increasing it's damage output in the sun, it can be a nuke, just hard to enable it.

This image is like, a decade old, but stil sorta applies

Thankfully, Heavy Duty Boots makes stealth rocks mostly a non issue unless they've been knocked off.

I don't know, In terms of having a partner Pokemon be with me through the thick and thin, I think I'd rather go with the giant grass frog or the turtle with blasters on it's shoulders

Overall, this line as a whole is just "Eh", despite my Charizard rant, I can acknowledge that there's nothing truly wrong with it; just purely not to my taste, but not egregiously so.


Like with Venusaur, In Scarlet and Violet they redid Charizards model, appreciated, but doesn't change much about how I feel.

The Pokedex image sorta goes hard though.

Mega Charizard X

"A huge day for 9 year olds everywhere"

The Flame Pokemon

Ability: Tough Claws

Let's Go Pikachu
Let's Go Eevee

The overwhelming power that fills its entire body causes it to turn black and creates intense blue flames.

Mega Charizard X Cry

Upon Mega Evolving, Charizard color scheme entirely changes, shedding it's orange color to a black and blue pallete. Alongside constant flames spewing from it's mouth, and sharper wings and horns placed around. It also sheds It's flying typing and becomes a dragon type, for real this time.

I do undoubtably think this is a cooler look, the spewing flames and the fact it "glides" rather than flies is very neat. but I still don't kno If i particularly like it still..

It looks like, it was designed too cool, like they really put their chips into finally making Charizard the actual badass dragon envisioned by most, but still just doesn't do it for me. I think the color scheme being such a drastic change kind of makes me want to believe its cool. Sorry dude.

Give it's new found dragon typing, ability, and massively increased physical attack, Mega Charizard X would be a premier wallbreaker. After a Dragon Dance, It would be able to outspeed common threats after a +1 and KO them back in return with Tough Claws boosted Flare Blitz and Dragon Claws, it is however, very susceptible to it's main STAB move of Flare Blitz due to recoil, and it hurt by chip damage by stuff like Rocky Helmet, this also makes it so it's suceptible to priority moves.

Finally throwing Charizard a bone by Giving this Mega an Extra point compared to it's base form, I can appreciate it more.


Mega Charizard Y

"Gee Charizard, why did Game Freak give you 2 Megas?"

The Flame Pokemon

Ability: Drought.

Let's Go Pikachu
Let's Go Eevee

Its bond with its Trainer is the source of its power. It boasts speed and maneuverability greater than that of a jet fighter.

Mega Charizard Y Cry

Yeah so, Charizard got 2 Mega Evolutions, Why? Cause marketability, that's why.

A much more simpler change compared to it's X counterpart, notably ,the beige skin on it's belly now extends up to it's chin, much longer wingspan, more rugged wing design, and smaller wings on it's arm.

You may be thinking to yourself, "How is she gonna rip apart poor Charizard this time?" and to that I say...

I won't, because Amazingly, I genuinely really like Mega Charizard Y

Now this is a cool design for Charizard, I'd argue to say this looks more like a Dragon than Mega Charizard X.

I really love how they designed it's wings, they look well worn, became super wide, and give a certain majesty to Charizard, It's as if it was something from legend.

The slimmer body I think also does it wonders for making it cooler, alongside the arm wings and more definied snout.

As Opposed to Mega X's physical oriented stats, Mega Y takes more of a note from it's base form. With a mind boggling 159 Special Attack Stat and it's newly gained Drought ability, this thing is the epitome of a Sun Nuke. Sun Boosted Fire Blasts from this thing Kill Everything, and 2 shots even resists, It doesn't even run Flying moves typically, It's that strong.

What keeps it in check though is it only OK speed tier, meaning it can be revenge killed by common threats, and since it keeps it's Flying typing this time around, it's once again met by it's worst enemy, stealth rocks.

Pretend the Charizard in this image is a mega now.

The Charizard line has been somewhat redeemed by Mega Y, I'm rating it Great as opposed to it's normal and Mega X form, what a hero.

Sometimes, It's just the simpler changes that go a long way.