Squirtle (#0007)

"It's posed like it's trying to descalate a situation"

The Tiny Turtle Pokemon

Abilities: Torrent, Rain Dish



After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.

Squirtle Cry

Good Ol' Squirtle, with the other 2 Kanto starters being A grass frog thingy and a Fire Lizard that takes to the skies at adulthood, A Water Turtle doesn't sound as interesting or spectacular, in fact, a Water Turtle can just be what a Turtle is in real life.

That being said, Squirtle I think knocks it out of the park design wise, I mean, It's just a little blue turtle, about the most interesting thing about it's design its tail, and despite it's simplicity both design and concept wise It's probably My favorite of the Kanto starters.

It's just plain appealing

Wartortle #0008

"Why are you so different"

The Turtle Pokemon

Abilities: Torrent, Rain Dish



Often hides in water to stalk unwary prey. For swimming fast, it moves its ears to maintain balance.

Wartortle Cry

Wartortle is weirdly interesting to me, mainly cause it has a few qualities that are lost once it becomes Blastoise.

Such as, the wings on it's head, and It's fluffy tail; whats up with that?

Well, Just to keep things brief, It's based off aa mytholgical creature called the Minogame, folklore basically just states that turtles up to hundreds or thousands of years old grow long tails of seaweed, thrilling, I know.

In future titles, the Dex entries more and more lean onto this, saying that Wartortle lives over 10,000 years and It's fluffy tail is a symbol of longevity.

Pretty Odd to randomly start basing this middle stage mon to this folklore creature, then dropping the fact upon evolution.

Blastoise #0009

"Packing an awful lot of heat for a Water type Pokemon"

The Shellfish Pokemon

Abilities: Torrent, Rain Dish



A brutal Pokémon with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.

Blastoise Cry

Speaking of, we finally get to the end of the Kanto starters, with Blastoise.

It's a big ass turtle, sheds the wings on its head for actual ears, and is now packing heat with 2 cannons on it's shoulders. Especially funny to think about in comparison to the relatively natural adult forms with Venusaur and Charizard.

I feel like it's seldom talked about how weird this line is, Go from little baby turtle, to mid stage turtle based on creature from folklore, to just big turtle with cannons. I guess when your from a game as old as Red and Blue, and being one of the most Iconic Pokemon, you sorta slip by the minds of your fans.

Still, It's a good design, I'm a fan of big and tanky designs, which Blastoise quite literally is.

Speaking of, I think me and alot of other people grew a bigger appreciation for Blastoise in the older console games, Stuff like Stadium, Colloseum, Battle Revolution, where It actually uses it's shoulder cannons for attacking, specifically Hydro Pump.

Stadium 2

Battle Revolution

Just with Venusaur and Charizard before, Blastoise got a 3D makeover in Scarlet and Violet. Alot more subtle than Venu and Char, just making it look a little less fat but more bulky, and giving more definition to it's head. However, this notably brings back using the Cannons for Hydro Pump animation.

But even more cool is it's swimming animation

Shit rules, look at how it swims, tucking it's legs into it's shell and blasting water through it's leg holes, I didn't even know It could do that.

Historically, Blastoise has always taken the role of a Defensive Hazard control user, Invest in defenses to take hits and get rid of Hazards for it's teammates using Rapid Spin during the course of the match, No recovery huyrts it immensely however. As of Gen 8 though, It started to take a more offensive role with it's newly gained Shell Smash, one of the best boosting moves in the game. While It's offenses aren't outstanding, the sheer power of a +2 Hydro Pump still does a great deal of damage to foes.

The Blastoise line is befitting of a 5/6, A pretty great line, even if kinda weird when you think/look into it, theres alot to like about all 3 Mons.


Mega Blastoise

"Is that your 3rd body cannon or are you just excited to see me."

The Shellfish Pokemon

Ability: Mega Launcher

Let's Go Pikachu
Let's Go Eevee

The cannon on its back is as powerful as a tank gun. Its tough legs and back enable it to withstand the recoil from firing the cannon.

Mega Blastoise Cry

Another relatively tame Mega Evolution; If it weren't for that giant fucking cannon on it's back.

It also now dons 2 extra cannons on each of it's arms, perhaps the 2 cannons on it's shoulders fused to become the one big one? or instead they wen't to the arms, the world may neve know.

...Also It's got a little spike on it's chin and bigger ears.

The simplest out of the Kanto Starter Megas, but still pretty damn cool. As opposed to being a Mega, I feel like this design would work just being Blastoise, in some alternate timeline where It became a modern starter Pokemon.

With It's new offensive stats and Mega Launcher ability to boot, Blastoise ditches it's formerly defensive role and takes to offensive heights. A refreshingly simple role, Mega Blastoise just uses Boosted Water Pulses, Dark Pulses, and Aura Spheres to break through teams. It can also still use Rapid Spin to be an offensive spinner. Though once again, no recovery and entry hazard susceptibility holds it back.

I think It's about the same as Normal Blastoise