Weedle (#0013)


The Hairy Bug Pokemon

Abilities: Shield Dust, Run Away



Often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger on its head.

Weedle Cry

Oh yeah, the other Route 1 Bug, Exclusive to Pokemon Blue, Weedle.

This is one of those mons where I'd classify them as just "A Guy." It's got dopey little dot eyes, a big honking clown nose for a mouth, and one big spike on it's head. What's not to enjoy here.

Unlike Caterpie, Weedle ain't really based on a specific kind of bug or anything, It's just a Wasp Larva.

The spike kinda looks like a dunces cap.

Kakuna #0014

"What a wonderful phrase."

The Cocoon Pokemon

Ability: Shed Skin



Almost incapable of moving, this Pokémon can only harden its shell to protect itself from predators.

Kakuna Cry

Weedle's take on becoming a cocoon, far more intimidating than that of Metapod, If I were bird pokemon, I wouldn't mess with this thing.

It's got an oddly cool look to it, with its gold sheen and menacing eyes. It's "tie" on it's chest actually used to be arms judging from the original Red and Green sprites, but as far as I'm aware thats been retconned, now, it's just dressed to impress.

Beedrill #0015

"Have at bhee."

The Poison Bee Pokemon

Abilities: Swarm, Sniper



Flies at high speed and attacks using its large venomous stingers on its forelegs and tail.

Beedrill Cry

Beedrill, The Poison bee Pokemon, Is based off a Wasp, cause we're all idiots for assuming it wasn't.

I don't particularly have much to say about Beedrill honestly, It is just a wasp minus the lanced stingers on it's arm. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing to write home about, I wouldn't know how to improve this design on my own.

It sucks, tries it's damnest to be a Sword Dance sweeper and falls flat. Poor Beedrill.

Kind of an underwhelming payoff to me, Weedle and Kakuna were neat in their own right, but Beedrill is just not very whelming in the slightest to me.

Gave it a half point for Weedle and Kakuna being part of the line.


Mega Beedrill

"Beesus Christ dude."

The Poison Bee Pokemon

Ability: Adaptability

Let's Go Pikachu
Let's Go Eevee

Its legs have become poison stingers. It stabs its prey repeatedly with the stingers on its limbs, dealing the final blow with the stinger on its rear.

Mega Beedrill Cry

Now this, Is a come back that can be documented for the ages.

Possibly the biggest Mega glow up in Pokemon, Mega Beedrill becomes a much more scary and interesting wasp. With honest to god genuine Lances for arms now, new feet stingers, cooler wings, and giant rear stinger, this thing thing is out to kill.

And dude, those stats, what the fresh min-max hell.

I'm sorry I called you poor Beedrill, spare my life please.

It's new Attack and Speed stat of 150 and 145 respectively are ballistic, and Adaptability boosts it's Bug and Poison moves to catastrophic levels of hurt.

Adaptability boosted U-turns for constant momentum and Poison Jabs for big damage on anything.

What actually can stand in Mega Beedrills way? Well actually, It's defenses still kinda suck, alot, and it's coverage can be pretty lacking.

Just don't tell that in front of Mega Beedrill, for your own sake.

This thing can be only described as Mighty, and true underdog story that everyone loves to see, Good Job Beedrill.


Design alone brought It up to a 4 in my book, but gave it a Half point this time around for it's insane stats and comeback from base Beedrill. It also might've hunted me down and kill me if I ranked it lower.