I Got a New Nintendo 3ds Xl In Gods Good year of 2024

[MediaLog#003] [5/21/2024]

"Did you know It's surprisingly easy to...."

I got me a shiny new toy in the New Nintendo 3DS XL, this page just is me rambling about it, games, homebrew, design, and such.

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Rambles about Rhythm Games

[MediaLog#002] [3/17/2024]

"I've spent far too much money at Round1 in a span of 1 week"

Big page about me talking about the various rhythm games I played this week, Find out why certain games are peak and how we can both figure out why tetote connect character designs suck.

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Ripping the Nana PS2 Game sound files.

[MediaLog#001] [3/4/2024]

"In where I talk about the process of ripping the music of a japan exclusive game most people haven't heard of nor probably care about."

Wanted to contribute something to one of my favorite anime/manga, so i ripped the music from it's mildly obscure PS2 game. Details Inside.

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Kare Kano

[Review#002] [3/19/2024]

"The Greatest 7/10 Anime Ever"

Perfect high school girl is actually a weird vain person meets boy who is seemingly more perfect than her, Hijinks, Sakuga, and character development ensues until the show ran out of budget.

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Strawberry Marshmallow

[Review#001] [3/1/2024]

"Made smoking and drinking around 12 year olds look cool""

Bunch of elementary students hang around and do kid things, also a 20 year old is there, deadpan hilarity ensues, their also cute I guess. Planning a rewrite maybe.

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