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You find yourself in an odd place, a place where the hearts of many are set completely ablaze...
Hundreds of thousands of people are here, with their own dreams, passions, and lives have come here for one goal, to compete in Fighting Games.
But to compete In pursuit of what though? Glory? Fame? Ego? Purpose, Even?
Well, who knows, one things for sure is, if you wanna try and make it as far in as possible, you have to Choose your Fighter, the one who will help you in this perilous journey.
In this page, you will curently meet 12 fighters, all who have helped me grow during my time playing this genre. It's a little silly, but I'd like you to get to know them all...

All right, enough of that lol, just wanted to make up something to make this page seem cool. But go ahead, scroll down a bit, and Click the icons find out more about these fighters... (Finished Pages are indicated by a light blue glow surrounding them, Autoplay Highly reccomended to turn on for immersion.)

Also, theres a N.A.Q (Never Asked Questions) Below, if your curious about my tastes in characters, or if you aren't too familiar with fighting games.

Note: These pages assume that you, the reader, are familiar with fighting game terms and the like. The most important arguably being Numpad notation (Pictured at top right.) I'll try my best to explain the terms in the pages that are complete, but if you still don't understand, I highly reccomend searching the term up in Fighting Game Glossary by Infil.

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N.A.Q (Never Asked Questions.)

Is the gameplay footage yours?

What do you consider a "Main"
•Character's I've spent a considerable amount of time playing as in their respective games, specifically when competing or playing online and the such.

How do you choose the characters you play as?
• I'm a design first person, I pick who looks cool/neat to me, because of how I like character designs I tend to gravitate towards Grapplers though, lol.

Are these also all the fighting games you've played?
• Far from it, I've played alot during the time I've been playing fighting games, as stated above, these are characters I've spent alot of time playing as to improve at a game.

Do you still play fighting games?
Not Really but I still care about the character i mained and the genre as a whole.

Will more characters be added?
• Maybe, depends on If I wanna play fighting games actively again. But I'd also like to get pages for these current characters finished first.

Can you play a fighting game with me?
•mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe, probably leaning on no though, sorry.

You used "Unique" alot when writing those blurbs
• So I did!

Weren't there more characters in the previous version of this page?
•Yeah, I removed a few for certain reasons That I'll go over right now.
Necro and Hakan: Love these two but frankly, I'm not too good at playing Capcom fighting games. I'll probably bring these 2 back though, eventually...
Olimar(SSB4): Too lazy to bust out my Wii U to record footage with him.
Grappler (DNFD): Nothing against the game, but while I have put alot of time into Grappler, I don't have many strong feeling about him or DNFD for that matter. Also my laptop didn't like running the game anymore lol.
Birdie: Eh, idk how I feel about him.