I kinda stopped with fighting games for reasons.

Written 4/19/2024

Translation: "End"

Recently, I joined a webring themed around Fighting games called The Fighting Ring, found It by complete happenstance, I used to play fighting games alot, and I still harbor a love for the genre, so why not? It would be lovely to be in a group of others with this shared interest.

As I was browsing through the site of the Owner of the webring, I read through a few of her writings relating to fighting games, and I think they really got me thinking about my relationship with the genre.. Even If I don't particularly agree with some of the stuff she put down, I think I share the same general sentiment about some fighting game topics.

I always tell to myself "I just grew out of the genre" but never actually put much thought into it besides "I've just grown", In fact after some further thought, I might've repressed certain fighting game experiences that soured my relationship with the genre. This journal post will just be me detailing the gripes I've had with the Fighting Game Experienceā„¢.

Warning, Possibly Spicy, Possibly Petty, Disagreeable takes ahead, heed caution.


Now, I start this off with saying that luckily, I've actually had positive experiences with a few fighting game communities, with one I'm still a discord member of to this day, but the thing about those servers is that they were General fighting game servers as opposed to servers dedicated to a specific game.

Ok, yknow, I was sitting here at my desk, thinking about a long winded and concise way to express how I feel about discord servers for certain games... But I think I can express how I feel about certain people who play fighters.

For the love of all that is holy, Don't be weird, don't be a bad actor. I couldnt give 2 shits if your good at the game, or have a following, just be a decent human being. And be INVITING to people.

please, don't say headass shit.


I've had great time with people on cords with fighting games, but I remember playing sets with people and they were just (this might not make sense)... Playing really rude. Stuff like switching characters and gimmicking me; and having absolutely no idea what to do because I just started the game. Seriously, what the hell dude, what do you gain from this? This has happened to me a few times and unfortunately stuck with me. It especially irked me when they would save face and be nice about it, like damn.

Notable experience; I remember when Blazblue Central Fiction first got rollback and I just hopped into the public lobbies with Iron Tager and just waiting for someone to join. Someone did join, and they kicked my ass, nothing wrong with that! People are gonna be good at the game, especially with a game as old as that one at the time, I'm the type to keep going even when I'm losing so I always give people the rematch until they want to leave.

But, I thought it was quite strange how "hard" they were going on me, but I think what really got me was when I won a set, they switched character, and even switched to the edgy endgame blazblue stage, perfected me, and astral finished me. "Skill issue" for me sure, It's hard to describe it since It was a long time ago, but I did just feel bad. I wanted to be nice ofc and say my "GGS" and "You Play Well" comments and they just got, really chummy despite how they played, weird. Months later I see a Blazblue clip with the person on player 2 side with the same handle as the person who did that months before... apparently they were a notable player somewhere, bleh.

I completely understand if that previous paragraph made no sense, but like, it just kinda felt like bullying to me, not cool.


The previous 2 points were actually the only parts of my fighting game experience that innvolved others that demotivated me to play, I said it earlier, but maybe it was just be growing up and losing my vigor for playing these games.

I was really in my fighting game phase during my early days of high school, I was what you call "The queer teenager with far too much time on their hands" that you still see around nowadays. High school was frankly, the worst years of my life, so alot of my solemn time was spent playing mostly fighting games.

I was playing and playing and playing,I was pretty good at the stuff I played, to the point where I guess the reason I was playing was to become the "best i can", A perfectly fine reason to play fighting games. But at the same time, I think I was always a little more "sensitive" to the genre.

As a player I was quite modest, I didn't like trash talking even with the people I was closest with, didn't like to boast or anything, but I always would be kind and give people GG's of course and possibly try to help them If they were struggling with stuff during the set (Even If frankly I wasn't the best at giving advice.) The realization came after a while was that, I stopped feeling things after winning or losing.

If I won, Then cool, I didn't lose, if I lost, then I guess that was gonna stick to me, lol.

My goal of being "the best I can" I still think was pretty valid, but maybe my mind thought otherwise. If it's relevant, I've definitely been put on a pedestal for being good at games, please, don't do that, It feels weird and arugably a little dehumanizing. I might've been good, but I'm a normal human being just like you, Complementing my play is all well and good, but don't call me like, a god.

Another thing, maybe not as relevant to this whole journal but I still want to mention, Control your emotions when playing this genre. If I had one thing that I think alot of other people didn't have, It was emotional maturity.

I was good at some games, but for what, I kind of sound like the person to say "maybe you didn't actually like the genre" to, but no, I did truly enjoy my time playing, I think It was the Endgoal; or lack there of, that somewhat killed it for me.

Alot of rambling happened this section but I don't think I made it super concise what made me stop playing, so I think I'll just say it. Playing Fighting games stopped feeling good.


As strange and even silly as it sounds to say this in regards to this genre, I didn't really like competing in fighting games.

This relates to what I said about my feelings about winning and losing but it goes slightly deeper that that, I didn't like making people feel bad about losing. It's case to case depending on the person of course, some people like losing given that it helps them learn, and thats great! Others though, were the type to punch down on themselves after a loss, or something related to that, and I just didn't like knowing that I made someone feel bad in general.

I finished writing this like, days before I actually posted this, but I kept going back to it, idrk, was this not concise, is it confusing, did i sound too brash at parts? Honestly, probably all of the above buuuuut im still posting it, as it still expresses my feelings and it would be a waste to scrap this.

and again, I've had alot more positive experiences with Fighting Games than negative, genuinely, maybe one day I'll write a post about those expeiences too...

or perhaps, one day my fighting game arc will continue, if i become ready again, or not... idk.