Cool Sites

modernpixels: My lovely girlfriends site, they haven't updated in quite a while due to school, but she definitely wants to revive her site soon. She's a very talented person .

Saikyo Central

Saikyo Central: Does reviews, journals, and likes fighting games much like I do and I like them. Nice Person.

Tabatinga: I quite like her art and the stuff she writes, has an Oekaki board. To say she likes Hibiki Takane from The Last Blade would be an understatement.

incessantpain: A site I feel has alot and still keeps it interesting. Specifically, his page on identity really hit home.

Sen's Sanctuary: An artists personal website, her arts cute and I like reading her blog posts. Been at it for a long time.


Neighbors and other neat sites

Philia995 applesayce.neocities Velvet Blue Jaggie Scrapper kubikills Cyberspace Portal my site kwaamfan PKLucky's Beachside Lounge

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