Ripping the NANA PS2 sound files

In where I talk about the process of ripping the music of a japan exclusive game most people haven't heard of nor probably care about.
Downloads at the bottom.

There are a plethora of PS2 games exclusive to Japan, but I feel the most curious subgenre of those are licensed anime visual novels/simulation from the mid 2000's that are still long without an english translation.

These don't even scratch the surface of the subgenre of a subgenre, it's truly unfortunate how another adaptation/story of popular franchises are hard to access due to the language barrier, I could talk about these in general, though today I'd like to talk about one specific game.

Nana (PS2) Released in 2005

Nana is a manga created by Ai Yazawa, I watched the 2007 Anime adaptation 2 years ago and I do think it changed me quite alot, It's my favorite anime of all time, and i designed this site with a Nana theme for a while, I feel if i talked about it extensively on its own page would still be an injustice to the series, again, perhaps another time in the future.

I love this series for a myriad of reasons, but enough with my personal experience with Nana, I wanna explain more about the PS2 Game.

It's a life sim game where your player character meets Nana Osaki (left on box art) and Nana "Hachiko" Komatsu (right) and your basically inserted into the story of the series from volume 5-8. Your main goal is to essentially make ends meet day by day, and getting to know the rest of the cast (and possibly dating them.)

Unfortunately, I wouldn't know the true goal, as with most other people online curious about the game, given the relative obscurity of this title and lack of chops to get their hands dirty with a PS2 game, this title remains unfortunately untranslated (as with most others of its kind.)

However, for a long time I went "Hey, how about I try my hand at ripping the music from this game? At the very least that doesn't really have a language barrier and hasn't been uploaded elsewhere." and like a year later I finally went on to do that, I'll be going over my process, it was actually relatively simple.

Getting the game

I Definitely Went On Japanese Auction Sites and Bought and Dumped the Game myself.

Yup, I sure did.


After dumping the game into a new folder, it looks like this.

and If we quickly skim through the folders we'll find what we're looking for.

It was not particularly hard to infer this was the background music for the game cause yknow, BGM.

What the hell is a .rws file

My first barrier was figuring out how to convert .rws files into a .wav file, though the results weren't too helpful; it was mostly others wondering the same thing.

However after more scowering, I did find the solution to my problems off a comment from a 2 year old reddit post

vgmstream was what i needed, and it even had a web version so easy as that right?

Problem #2: Why are some files only outputting for a few seconds?


Cute little tune, that only plays for 8 seconds, so i decided to download the program myself.

Immediately I assumed to just drag and drop all the rws files into the .exe file and while that did output wav files, still the same problem, it would just be incredibly brief music files for some of the output.

My next course of action was reading the documentation... which frankly still didn't help me much with my issue despite its detail.

After that, I decided to install foobar2000 for the first time in ages, alongside the vgmstream plugin for foobar, and lo and behold.

It spat out 2 audio files when dragged into foobar! I had a mild hunch, but it comfirmed that these files sometimes have multiple streams/segments for looping in game.

The rest of "BGM_015.rws" nice, right?

Also if you were curious, rws is Renderware Binary Stream if im not mistaken

The brief part where I made it hard for myself

Yeah so, to try and make it as easy as possible to export, i was convinced within the vgmstream command line there was an option to get the full audio file; segment 1 and segment 2 put together.

Despite all the settings i tried, it wasn't doing that, and as far as I am aware, vgmstream cannot do what i wanted. I had to manually put the segments together in Audacity.

But I had to get the segments first right? So I would drag and drop an rws file one at a time into foobar, and If it gave me 2 audio files, then I would go into vgmstream and run 2 commands. vgmstream-cli -s 1 [file].rws and vgmstream-cli -s 2 [file].rws.

Admittedly, I could've done this in foobar using quick convert much faster, but I was fixated on having these be lossless, which again foobar probably would've output lossless wavs anyways.

After all the files are outputed into wav, I just had to put the segments together using audacity, easiest part of this bar none

just dragged em next to eachother was all.

Addendum: Voice files

Within the rwav folder of the Nana dump, you find more rws files, as you may have noticed, these are huge files in comparison to the rws files in the rwab folder.

After exporting all the files from those rws files, I'm left with a 4GB folder of over 12,000+ voice files

While I initially also wanted to dump the voices and sort them by character, but I think sorting them may have been a bit too tedious for me (i might have also just been sick of this after all the bgm stuff.)

I can't understand Japanese as with many others, however I still uploaded them to mediafire if you are interested in listening to them, thankfull their title name correspond to the character (I.E V_HAT_001 = Hachikos voice lines, V_REN_001 = Rens voice lines, though some i couldn't decipher and put in an folder titled Unknown

turns out moving thousands of lossless voice files takes a very long time

Addendum: UI SFX (What the hell is a .NKT file)

I'm adding this after I thought I completed this and I'm just gonna leave this in big bold letters for the people who are trying to figure out what a .nkp file is through google.




Luckily, the nkp file that had the SFX (RWS_SE1.nkp) for the menus were in a format easily able to be read by foobar (.vag) and will share at the bottom, excited to use these for my site.

Also yes, I am aware that PCSX2 is able to dump textures, but dumping every texture would involve playing the entire game, possibly multiple times, and also doesn't account for textures that possibly go unused.


Very happy i was able to do this, even if the process wasn't too interesting or diffcult, I'm glad to have contributed something to one of my favorite series, soon I may also try and dump the BGM for the Nana PSP and DS games (yes those exist too.)

And hey, for my efforts, I get to use the sound effects for my site (which have been replaced by the time of writing.) Neato!

While unlikely, I hope this gets a bit of traction/interest in the Nana PS2 game, perhaps some saint will go ahead and magically translate the game for us because of this, alongside all the other licensed anime visual novel/simulation games.

Currently in the works on uploading the tracks to Youtube and Khinsider, but for now you can find these tracks on a zip file I made.


Enjoy! Includes all the music, sfx, and voice lines.

I quite like the music from this game, gives a fuzzy nostalgic feeling for some reason, my favorite is probably BGM_015; It sounds like an Animal Crossing track kinda.

Oh yeah, if someone just happens to know, "BGM_101.wav" seems to be an original blast song for this game, as far as im aware i don't think ive ever seen it mentioned anywhere else like the rest of the games ost, could it be on one of the many NANA tribute albums?

Thank you for reading.