I went to the sonic symphony in NYC


Crappy Photo, but the energy was incredible.

I don't think I ever mentioned it on my site but I am a relatively avid Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I've always been more of a Mario kid but I wouldn't be lying If i said that Sonic games and other media gave me a great amount of joy aswell. Especially the music, hence why when a Sonic Symphony tour was announced in an area near me, I jumped at the oppurtunity immediately.

It was possibly one of the best things I've experienced in recent memory, It was my first concert ever and for a video game series no less, Had no idea what to expect, but I think that didn't matter.

The first half of the Sonic Symphony was actually an Orchestra of Sonic Tunes old and new, Sonic 1,2,3 & K, Mania, and Tails' theme from Sonic Adventure, oh, and the Chao Garden theme.

Those tunes were very pleasant and exciting, and the accopanying gameplay was fun too, they did poke fun too which I appreciated, like almost drowning in chemical plant, a montage of waiting in Marble zone, and Labyrinth zone being, awful.

The really exciting part though, was the 2nd part of the symphony, being a genuine rock concert featuring Crush 40, playing all the Sonic greats like Open your heart, Endless Possibilities, Reach for the stars, Fist Bump, Live & Learn, etc

God, it was so cool listening to these live, the energy of the performers and the energy of the crowd itself was overflowing, the entirity of the rock concert part was pretty much a sing along aswell, I recorded a bunch of videos and I just love revisiting them and hearing the crowd (and me) just scream sing their guts out, it was so much fun.

Highlights include:
Everyone cheering when Maria got shot.
Using the butt ugly avatar when showing Sonic Forces gameplay, cheering once more.
The Chao Garden Chanting.
The leadup to every song, the performers really did well teasing and hyping up the songs.
Near the end, it became a heavy metal concert aswell with the Sonic Frontier songs.

So much passion in everybody...

God I took so many videos, sending a bit of this song cause it's the only vocal song where I didn't sing alot of it cause I don't remember the lyrics, therefore you can't hear my awful voice lol, still super hype though.

Here's a part during the orchestra that was pretty funny, also, I just love Planet Wisp' theme, one of my favorite Sonic zones.

The build up to Knuckles' theme was awesome, they actually sang the theme for Pumpkin Hill beforehand, hence the mentioned rap battle.

The Chao garden was very pleasant, and the Chao Karate bit at the end was pretty good, with everyone cheering for the win (and loss) of fighting Chao

Last video, the absolute last song of the concert, City Escape.

While my interest in Sonic games has waned a bit, I'll always have a soft spot for the blue bastard, here's to another 30 years, maybe.

Also, my girlfriend was with me, while she enjoyed the concert, she's not too familiar with Sonic games, and said, quote,

"It was practically like a mom bringing her daughter to a boy band concert"

She sang along with Fist Bump though! Thanks Hoobastank!

Oh yeah, my girlfriends always been curious about Sonic games, so we started up Sonic Adventure and beat it in a few days, very positive feelings on that from her, I played the Big fishing stages for her too lol, heres to Adventure 2 and onwards.