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Archetype: Rushdown

"A style of play that focuses on getting close to your opponent and relentlessly attacking them until they die. It's kind of the opposite of zoning. Good qualities for a rushdown character include lots of ways to get around long-range attacks, tricky approaches like divekicks so you can be hard to anti-air, and lots of plus attacks so your opponent has to repeatedly guess on defense to survive." - The Fighting Game Glossary by Infil

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"Fighting Blossom"

Akira Yuki



Akira, from the iconic Sega 3D Fighting Game, Virtua Fighter, appears as a guest in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax: Ignition. While this may be his first appearance in a 2D fighting game, he's still pulling out all the stops to battle worthy foes such as... Kirito from Sword Art Online... A 12 Year old girl who plays basketball... a railgun wielding magical high schooler... and the Palm Top Tiger.

No need to fear, Akira! Even on the 2D plane, your moves from the 3D arena are still plenty effective! Such as your Byakko Soushoda, Renkentai, and Shura Haoh Koukazan, and that's not even mentioning your most iconic move, Tetsuzanko!

Go on forth Akira!, and show these lame anime kids what you and your Bājíquán are made of!

(I don't hate anime or anything, I just like making fun of this games roster, you would too.)

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Intro

Something I'd never think of when first playing this game many moons ago was how much I would enjoy it, It's somehow become one of my favorite fighting games. I find it's systems to be very interesting, speaking of...


What the fucks a dengeki bunko. - You Probably, & also Me

Longer than I thought, skip if you don't really care.

Dengeki Bunko is a manga publisher, the characters in this game are from works published by Dengeki, this game is also a Sega crossover for some reason, so theres 2 guest characters in Akira from Virtua Fighter and Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles, all of the stages are from Sega Properties, such as Sonic, Nights, and Shinobi just to name the notable ones.

Just a little "Primer" about the systems of this game and what it's all about. Not gonna go super in depth, but hopefully will help you get the gist.

•It's an anime fighter: Specifically it was made by French Bread, of Melty Blood and Under Night In-birth fame. If your familiar with either of those games, the system will ring familiar. You'll be (somewhat) at home here.

• Assists: This game has an assist system, after initial character selection, you get to select another character to help you in battle, these are completely seperate (for the most part) characters from the main playable cast. Assists in this game I'd say are very unique.

•Blasts: The burst system in this game is also very unique, unlike in other fighting games where it's purely a get off me tool, there's 3 kinds of blasts you can use in battle.

•Power Blasts: The one you absolutely will be using the most if you are playing this game at any kind of competency, upon bursting in neutral the benefits you gain are...

• Temporary Attack Increase (15%)
• Passive Health Regen (15%)
• Passive increased meter gain (1 bar of meter), 1 bar of meter on activation (2 if you hit the opponent with it)

- Stolen from the Community Guide
Not mentioned, also safe on block, roundstart burst is a thing in this game,, it also recovers quite fast after use.

•Combo Blasts: Inidcated by a Blue colored blast, If used while the opponent is in hitstun, your burst will pop up the opponent, allowing for a combo extension. If forward is being held during Combo Blast then the scaling will be lower and the opponent will be wall bounced, +10 if used while the character is in blockstun so has uses to make yourself safe after a risky approach.

•Escape Blasts: Very simple to explain, the "burst" blast, gets you out of combos and such, however it recharges significantly slower than Power or Combo blast after use.

•Trump Cards: A universal mechanic, there are 2 types of trumps that vary depending on character but I'll only be explaining the Red Trump since that's what Akira has. Every Red Trump is a frame 1, fully invincible, air unblockable, overhead. Does a flat 30% damage and also safe on block, more importantly though is that it makes you enter the Trump State. The benefits in this state are...

•Gaining access to reverse beat.

•All normals become jump cancellable on hit or on block.

•Assist cancels cost no meter.

•No "calling" animation when using an assist in neutral, can also call assists in air and while moving.

You get only 2 trumps at the start of a match, the only way to regain a trump card is by losing a round, very valuable tool, let's you do alot of crazy things. You can also use trump cards (and blasts, for that matter) to boost a super, but that's pretty niche.

•IGNITION: I'm losing steam here lol, I'm copy pasting the section from the community guide since it's alot to explain.

Oh yeah, the assist character I use with Akira?


Home Series


Ryuji Takasu

There is no flattering render of this dude.


Of all the exciting, fantastical, and magical characters you can choose to be your aid in this game, there is Ryuuji.

A 17 year old boy who is great at housework due to apparently not having a father. Also the love interest of Taiga, one of the actual playable characters.

Oh Ryuuji, how could anyone not pick you, with your trusty Broom and Variety of floating bento boxes to give strength in the battlefield, you should be a force to be reckoned with.

I like this guy, I just don't know a thing about him.


Why these two?

When I first tried out this game, Most of the cast was pretty unappealing to me, Akira was one of 2 outliers in the entirely anime roster, so I just stuck it out with him. Of course as a character I think he's cool, but I'd never actually play a Virtua Fighter game at that point in time, my knowledge of Akira was from lore videos and Sega Crossovers.

While I had never played a VF game I always really liked Akira for his fighting style of Bājíquán, who needs fireballs and spin kicks when you just your shoulders and elbows?

Maining him in this game gave me an appreciation for the guy, and typically when I choose characters, I like the bare handed type, a hard knuckle can beat any sword, gun, lance, nuke, etc.

Why I picked Ryuuji? Simple. He's quite literally just a guy, That's It. I just like characters who are "Just A Guy."




•Unique Movement Option In a Stepdash gives Akira unique pressure unlike others in the cast.

•Also has the best backdash in the game, in tandem with his stepdash, Akira can bob and weave in neutral and can bait and punish opponents whiffed buttons.

•Arguably has the best (Red) Trump Card in the game.

•Unique Command normal in 666B can grab surprise punishes and can be used for approach

•Stepdash can be a curse aswell, given that Akira doesn't have a normal run like the rest of the cast, he can be considered a little slow on his feet.

•While not completely lacking in range, his normal are pretty short and stubby.

•Mediocre Anti-Airs

•Mediocre Impact Skills.

•Poor Assist Synergy.

• Poor air combos without certain assists

•Struggles against alot of the cast due to the reasons stated above.

Unique Mechanic: Stepdash

As stated earlier, Akira's forward dash takes form of a short Stepdash unlike the rest of the cast. This gives him pressure unique from the rest of the cast, and in tandem with his great backdash, can bob and weave opponents and allow for punishes not possible with other characters.

Potential: Attack Up

Counter hit the opponent twice to increase damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds. Can be activated three times a round.

Notable Normals

2C/[C] "Maho Shoukou"/"Zesshou Daiden Housui"

Great Grounded Normal, Good amount disjointed, It's special cancellable so it can be made safe on block.

The charged version takes 7 more frames to start up (11f vs 18f) but pops up the opponent in the air on hit allowing for higher damage combo routes, can be also be used as a solid frame trap in a blockstring.

Charged Version


A seemingly unremarkable normal, and it still kind of is, but due to Akira's lacking anti-air, a rising j.A is your best bet at dealing with foes who want to do aerial approaches, on hit, leads to air combo followups.

66B "Rimon Chouchu Lv.2"

Akira's dashing command normal, one of his best moves. Approach option, pressure starter, combo tool.

It's jump cancellable on hit and on block, special cancellable, and ground bounces on hit for combos.

The hitbox on the right is somewhat misleading, since you input this move during your stepdash, it has a deceptively far reach.

Has a just frame version (indicated by a white flash) performed by inputing the "6B" within 2 frames of the stepdash before it, Gives 50 more damage and 1 more frame of hitstun, not very useful though.


(All Specials are cancellable in EX and Super Moves)

236+A "Mouko Kouhazan"

Palm strike move that's only -2 on block, also hard knockdown on counter hit.

I typically like to use this move to end pressure in a blockstring, but immediately use 214+A to catch people who think they can take their turn.

236+B "Byakko Soushouda"

Double Palm strike move, very unsafe on block, however, theres significant pushback meaning it's generally a safe option, only really punishable if jumped over.

Causes wallbounce if close enough to the corner, allowing combo extensions, naturally causes hard knockdown if not near corner.

I like to just, throw this move out in neutral sometimes, what are they gonna do about it?


236+C "Renkentai"

Double Kicks move, can be used as an anti-air since it comes out fast enough (9f) but can be unreliable due to Akira moving forward a bit before performing the move. Also not much reward on hit.

Where this move shines though is when used in a corner combo, as it cause wallbounce, it leaves just enough space between the opponent and the wall to Allow Akira to perform a left/right mix afterwards, making it a great combo ender.

236+A/B/C "Air Renkentai"

Renkentai but in the air, His sole air special moves, and the only special moves he has that are a "Series."

Just like, not very good honestly. The only difference between the A/B/C Versions is slightly different jump momentum and some extra damage. On hit the opponents are sent away, however unlike the ground version, theres no knockdown, the opponent is simply able to airtech before they hit the ground, putting you in a weird situation. Also has a ton of landing recovery, which adds onto the weird situation as aforementioned.

214+A "Jouho Senshou"

Once again, another Palm Strike, incredible combo tool, as it knocks down the opponent and allows you to pick up the combo from the ground. Lots of hitstun while the opponent is grounded, allowing the use of any normal or special to pick up the combo from there.

Also only -4 on block, making it relatively safe, on block, you can start an RPS situation where you can either continue pressure, backdash and punish.

214+B "Kaiko"

A very strange, and very "interesting" move

Not a command grab, but a "Standing Unblockable", whiffs on crouching opponents, but hit standing ones.

If landed, Akira performs a series of moves, ending in a hard knockdown. If the opponent switched to block standing after blocking low, a red ring effect will appeard.

Cannot be followed up after or anything.

This move is weird as hell, and somewhat bad, but I've always tried to find use for it. After 5[C] or 2[C], it can be used to catch people who switch block afterward to try and block 214+[C] since it's an overhead, and will catch them.

I also tend to use this during "Broom Pressure" with Ryuuji, since if they block the Broom, and switch block to high to block a low, it'll overide Ryuuji's Broom blockstun and perform the unblockable, That's my secret tech i'm certain not many people know about that as i've not seen that documented anywhere, presumably works with all other assists, it's still not very good though.

Note the red ring effect on Asuna

What a weird move...

This is just the initial frame

214+B/[B] "Koboku"

In it's uncharged version, it's not a terribly useful move, It's a mid that groundbounces if it hits an airborne opponent. If it counterhits, It groundbounces standing opponents for a combo, though it's rare you see this.

On charge though, It's an awesome move, it becomes an overhead, and knocks down on air or grounded opponent.

Commonly used as a combo ender after 214+AB for a knockdown or to go into Supers, can also be used as a frame trap after 5C or 2C. Can allow for a conversion if traded with an opponent.

Also very notable it cancels into 214+AB, allowing it to also be a combo starter, you can even do this on block since you become safe afterwards.

Also also, It's an overhead, even though it's super slow at 28 Frames, you can just catch people with it if they aren't expecting it.

Charged Version

Impact Skills

A universal move that has frame 1 guard point, typically used as reversals.

5A+B "Tenzankou"

Not very good, bad reversal, can be used in combos but I never do, not much else to say since I never use this.

2A+B "Teishitsu Dantai"

Still pretty bad but a little bit better, mediocre anti-air, you can get a solid conversion of it on the chance it counter hits, but thats about it.

Has a just frame version if you press A just 2 frames before the A+B for 300 more damage, but absolutely useless otherwise, idk why he has this.

EX Moves

236+AB "Shura Haoh Koukazan"

Akira's famous 3 hit command combo, Starting with Saiten, leading into Rimon Chouchu, then ends with Tetsuzankou.

Exclusively a combo ender, useful since you'll practically have meter to spend for this. Hard knockdown and cancellable into Trump. While the Trump Card will be heavily scaled, the fact you enter the state safely is more than enough.

214+AB "Youhou"

Yet another palm strike move.

Incredibly useful and versatile move, as it launches up on hit allowing for combo extensions from any string, also gives hard knockdown if you choose not to extend, safe at only -3 on block, and for some reason, recovers insanely quickly if whiffed.

Since you also recover quickly enough on hit, you can combo this move into Power Blast to gain the benefits.

Yoo Hoo!

j.236+AB "EX Renkentai"

A little better than the normal air renkentais, but still pretty middling.

Moves Akira forward a notable amount, allowing you to be in a better situation after the opponent air techs, also has alot more hitstun, if used very close to the ground, you can even combo into supers from the air, though thats niche.

Trump Card

5A+C "Tetsuzankou"

Akira's most famous move.

Great Reversal option, huge hitbox, and like all Red Trumps, is fully strike invincible and air unblockable. Of course though, since you only have 2, use wisely.

Incredibly cool on hit.



41236+AC "Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou"

High Damage Super, combo ender, at the cost of side swapping, which can be useful sometimes, but can be a nuisance at others.

For some fucking reason, in this game only, the final hit of this move Akira channels his inner Vegeta and performs a beam right at the end of this move, looks remarkably like a Final Flash, who taught him this, why can he do this here, is he holding back in his own series? I just want to know.

Also Incredibly cool on hit.

63214+AC "Yuki-ryu Hakkyoku-ken Hiden ・ Hozan"

"Ranbu Super" Low Damage Super, Reversal Super, but has invincibility on start up making it a good reversal, if expensive, not seen often but ok to throw out every once in a while if you opponent is on autopilot.

Fun fact, this super is based on an Infinite he had in Virtua Fighter 2

Also Incredibly cool on hit.




•Bento boxes are unique, and give useful buffs when caught.

•6S is decent for Oki and Anti-Zoning.

•Bento box can distract the opponent who's really wanting to grab one.

•Bento Boxes can also be caught by opponents

•6S can be completely nullified if it gets hit by a non projectile.

•6S can also be easily jumped over

•Arguably High Effort but Low Reward.

•Outclassed by most other assists.

Assist Potential: Status Lvl. Up 1

Ryuuji is one of only 5 Assists can activate a potential, when you catch 3 of the bento boxes he sends out you gain a 6% damage increase and reduce damage taken by 6%

5S "Bento Box"

Ryuuji seems far from the type who would want get his hands dirty, so his form of assists comes in making lunch.

When called, Ryuuji sends out a bento box that travels a set path, which can be caught by either you or your opponent. He sends out 3 different boxes in a prefixed order, the order iss as followed.

White Lunchbox (Taiga's Lunchbag)>Blue Lunchbox (Ryuuji's Lunchbox)>Triple Lunchbox (Heavy Lunchbox)

... and the effects are as follows.

Gives the player one bar of meter

Gives 2% white health (10% when White Lunchbox is skipped)

Gives 4% white health and Status Up Level 1 (15% when both White and Blue Lunchboxes are skipped)

(White health is similiar to red health in other fighting games, it's just health that recovers slowly overtime.

and yes you did read right, lunchboxes can also have different effects depending on if another lunchbox has been skipped if your using Ryuuji, it's important to understand "Lunchbox Flow," generally when I'm using Ryuuji i actually refrain from picking up the White lunchbox, the benefits to the other 2 boxes are alot more substantial when not picked up.

While this is a very interesting mechanic, it's pretty hard to consistently reap the benefits, since opponents can also pick up lunchboxes and mess up the flow. Since I'm avoiding the lunchbox, the opponent probably wants that, since it's free meter, and once that's picked up, the subsequent lunchboxes don't give nearly as much white health.

It's impossible for any of those lunchboxes to fit in there.

6S "Broom"

A much more simple assist to explain, Ryuuji sweeps across the floor and eventually goes off screen, after a moment, he comes back and attacks the opponent. It's a solid Okizeme tool.

However, if hit by a projectile during the initial sweep, he gets pissed, and attacks immediately.

While an alright assist overall, Ryuuji can easily be avoided if not used after a knockdown, and can also be hit during the initial sweep if its not a projectile, nullifying the assist completely, at the very least it's inherantly solid against characters with projectiles, but if not, it can be meh. It's also notable that there are many other assists that are similiar to Ryuuji's broom, but better.

Akira and Ryuuji have dubious synergy at best, but In my time playing this game I've entirely committed to using these 2 as a pair, to moderate success and making me only look a little stupid.

idk why he has that expression



Your bread and butter combo, most of your combos will look like this in some way.


Demonstrating that anytime after a 214[C] you can tack on extra damage and still keep a knockdown using 236AB, or end in Trump Card.

[Combo]>214[C]>236AB>41236AC(or 63214AC)

Another demonstration, same as above but with Super instead of Trump


Jouhou allows an easy way to get into Power Blast state.


Combo using the Koboku Overhead as a starter.


66B combo, pretty much to go to.

66B>jc>delay j.B>delay j.C>214A>5A>5B>214A>214AB>214[C]>236AB

Spicier 66B combo, utilizing a jump cancel and delay air buttons for ever so slightly more damage.

rising j.A>j.B>jc>j.B>j.C>236C>236AB

air to air combo to (try) and snuff aerial approaches..


Corner combo utilizing Renkentai, must be at a specific height for 5A>214A to work though fairly lenient aslong as they aren't to high.

214[C]>dash up 2AAA>2B>2C>236B

Meterless 214[C] Combo, tacks on damage via OTG hits

[Corner Combo]>236C

Corner combo ending in Renkentai knock down to demonstrate the left/right mix, I'm sure theres a more optimal combo for this.


An example of setting up Ryuuji's assist.


Another example of setting up Ryuuji's assist, sometimes, you might want Ryuuji's broom to come later, in this situation, i could threathen a throw or overhead.

Example of using a throw, and being able to followup due to Ryuuji coming from offscreen, in the 2nd video, note how even on throw tech I'm still able to continue my turn due to Ryuuji.


Air combo using the universal overhead.


Funny meterdump combo, not even entirely impractical, since you naturally gain meter so fast in this game, and every 214A is unburstable.


What a unique game, It was nice playing this game again even if it was just for recording stuff. This is (unfortunately) my favorite French Bread game, It's sad that there isn't a game with a similiar system to Dengeki. This is also the only way to play as Akira in a 2D fighter...

I never even talked about how funny it is to be playing as a skilled martial artist with some high schooler as his partner. Lol.

I'm glad I finally got the time to make another one of these pages for my mains, now that I have a solid base for these pages, I'll definitely want to get to making some more, they may come sooner than you think.

This game has a rollback caster to play the game, you can download it from the DFCI discord... but if you don't want to join the discord for Reasons, email me and I can send the files.

"What is the true strength ....? If I fight with the stronger ones, will the answer be found?"

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