Game of Origin: Blazblue (Tager)/Persona 4 (Kanji Tatsumi)

Iteration: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a crossover fighting game made by Arc System Works that includes characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4: Arena, Under Night In-Birth, Arcana Heart, Senran Kagura, Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and RWBY. The game is a 2v2 fighting game with teams able to call characters as assists as well as tagging in the middle of attacks to extend combos. -Dustloop Wiki

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (Abbreviating as BBTAG from here on out) was my first real 2d Fighter, got really into the genre because of this game, bought It on launch 6 years ago, weird that it's been that long.

I'd fiddled around with alot of characters/teams early on but I settled with Kanji/Tager, which I still don't fully understand why, I think I just liked how they looked and how they played, I like big guys. Though I have alot of sentimentality with these 2 characters given my experiences with this being my first fighting game, if it werent for these 2 i wouldn't have learned so much.

I'd go over both characters stories, but given that this is a crossover game, and one of the characters is from an RPG, I think I'll save myself for the time being, expect Tager's syniopsis in the BBCF Page.


Despite both being grapplers, their playstyles are pretty different, Kanji excels with great mix-ups and okizeme once upclose, while Tager inflicts big damage with his command grabs and reset potential with Gadget Finger, Tager also has his trademark magnetism mechanic to mess with the opponent. While they both suffer the classic grappler issue of low mobility, they both still have their ways of getting in be it normals, special moves, or assists.



•Both have above average health and can stick around for longer than average, especially since Tager has the highest health tier in the game at 20k

•Kanji has a myriad of frame traps and mix-ups at his disposal, generally great pressure

•Tager has the best projectile in the game at the cost of 1 bar

•Both can do naturally big damage solo

• Command Grabs are fun

• Opponent gets twice the mental anguish from grapplers

•If you win using this team you make the opponent feel like a fucking idiot

•Low Mobility, movement options are not the most reliable nor safe

•Practically Negative Synergy with eachother

•Have a hard time helping out eachother via assists or cross combos

•Mediocre Assists on both characters.

•Kanji has bad anti-airs

•Tager is huge, meaning he's more likely to get hit and more vulnerable to mix.

• Both are fairly meter dependant

•Both are considered Low tier characters and putting them together does not help with that

• If you lose using this team you look like a fucking idiot

Unique Mechanic (Kanji)

Kanji has the ability to charge 5B, 5BB, and his j.C. If 5B/5BB are released at the last possible frame the opponent will be elctrocuted and will take tons more damage and hitstun from those normals, the scaling of the combo will also be alot lower leading to incredibly damaging combos. However it's nigh impractical to go for this, your opponent would basically just have to drop their controller for you to land this.

Notable Moves/Specials (Kanji)


Kanjis Persona Attack auto combo, Take-Mikazuchi slams it's lightning rod down, notable range for a normal, high damage, albeit slow startup. Naturally Good for combos. However while it's range is good it doesn't match the animation of the normal, and hitting at max range caused 5BB to whiff.


Take-Mikazuchi sweeps his arm, vacuuming in opponents on hit, again important for combos but also has good use in pressure due to the aforementioned vacuum. You can threthen the opponent with a command grab, a delay normal, or even bait a DP.


One of Kanjis Anti-Airs, It sucks as an Anti-Air.

While it's big, it's very slow to come out, and if you whiff it it's recovery frames are like an eternity. However this normal still has it's uses, mainly in combos after 5BB to pop them up, or as a call out to bursts.


This attack is pretty much Kanji's entire neutral game, and while It's decent due to it's huge range, power, and good angle, it pushes opponents to far on normal hit to comfirm anything after it unless it's a counter hit.


A relatively mediocre sweep attack, though important as a combo ender/tool. If the opponent was high enough on hit Kanji can continue comboing using his A Normals. You can also run up and use this as a YOLO option if you can cover it with an assist. Cancels into Added Cruel Attack.

B+C "What A Pain!"

Kanji's reversal action (Refered to as a DP,) While the rest of the cast has fairly standard DPs Kanjis takes the form of a counter-esque move. It's range is pretty horrible, but it's strength is that it hits strike attribute attacks, meaning it can hit the hit of an opponents move. Example.

Cruel Attack

236+A/B/C (Air OK)

Kanji's chair guillotine, the A version is an incredibly short leap using his chair, but a solid move. Mainly used for frame traps and ending blockstrings though the air version specifically has uses as a combo extender if timed properly

The B version is a more interesting move, It travels further and jumps higher, and has better frame advantage alongside being one of Kanji's important combo tools. Unlike the A version you can combo out of it natively.

The EX version costs 1 bar and travels over half the screen, an important move that lets Kanji run his shit and can be half treated as a "neutral skip." He's plus on block so he can threathen to do whatever he wants such as a mix-up. the air version can do the same thing but is inconsistent due to it tracking the opponents position albeit poorly.

Added Cruel Attack

A/B/C after certain moves

A follow up attack Kanji can perform after some moves, very important move since it leave Kanji at advantage, can combo out of, and just lets Kanji do what Kanji does best.

"This'll Hurt!"


Kanji grabs the opponent across the screen, then summons Take-Mikazuchi to stab the opponent while grounded, shocking them.

A Tatsumi take on the classic grappler command grab, one of Kanji's fastest moves at 7 frames and also throw invincible.

Naturally one of Kanji's strong mix-up options when up close, unlike the other grapplers in this game Kanji combo after his command grab with Added Cruel Attack, making it more devastating on hit.

The EX version is a little bit underwhelming, it does more damage and Kanji moves forward a bit during the grab, but it's slower at 12 frames. In BBTAG, EX moves are indicated by the character flashing bright blue and playing a unique sound effect, due to this Kanji's EX command grab and the aforementioned startup means this move is easily telegraphed. Though not useless since the forward movement can catch people off guard.

"Bet ya can't take this!"


The flying shitlord

Kanji leaps off from his chair in the air and does his air command grab, slamming them to the ground and beating them to a pulp. This is probably one of my favorite fighting game moves period.

All versions can be used as pseudo movement options though incredibly unsafe unnless covered by an assist.

The A/B Versions are usually used as combo enders though since they can be followed up with Added Crueld attack they can also extend combos

The EX version is great though, tracks the opponent and does a great amount of damage for a single command grab.



Kanji summons Take-Mikazuchi and does his best impression of Heavenly Potemkin Buster. Kanji's other anti air, much better than 2B

Anti-Air command grab, meaning it cannot be blocked, though still quite slow at 22 frames its an important move for Kanji since it can be followed up with Addec Cruel attack.

Uniquely, you can hold the input to keep Take-Mikazuchi on the ground, delaying the anti-air. Kanji is completely actionable during this time at the cost of disabling his grab and persona moves.

Supers (Kanji)

Ass Whoopin' Tatsumi Style!


Kanjis basic super,throws his chair forward, kicks em in the stomach and punches them into the ground so hard they bounce high into the air, ending with the chair hitting them on the way down.

Standard super, good as an ender, big damage, if used from fullscreen the chair from the initial hit is send out as a projectile, while not really worth it you can use the projectile chair from fullscreen and if it hits, you can tag in your partner character for a super. Though generally not worth it.

236+B+C (In Resonance Blaze)

Same Super, but at the end Take-Mikazuchi stabs the opponent and electrocutes them, dealing more damage and looks cooler.

Burn to a crisp!


Kanji's command grab super, fastest throw at frame 5, incredibly strong aswell, provides good oki and can even combo out of it. Great as a reversal since it's fully invincible on startup.

214+B+C (In Resonance Blaze)

Pretty much identical, just does more damage, though if you combo after it you can burn another 2 bars to perform his other super for a combo.

The Man Series: Brofist

222+B+C (Costs 9 Bars at Level 4 Resonance and when only 1 opponent character left.)

Badass Instant Kill, though rarely seen, Fist bumping your persona to kill a person is a power move.

Unique Mechanic: Magnetism (Tager)

Just like from his home series, Tager's move have a magnetism effect, allowing him to attract opponents closer to him, though it's a bit abridged compared to normal blazblue games, only specific moves are able to magnetize the opponent.

Notable Moves/Specials (Tager)

4A Autocombo

While this absolutely doesn't seem like notable moves, 4A is important for tager as it's his fastest grounded normal. While it doesn't do big grappler damage it's great that Tager can get combos and setups off this move. 4A specifically is important for Tagers Tick throw setups.


Uniquely, Tager can hold down the 2nd hit of his 5A autocombo, giving it tons of armor alongside still attracting the opponent in. When fully charged It gives Tager combo routes not normally accesible.

5B (Sledgehammer)

What used to be a special move in his home series is now a normal. Sledgehammer is a vital tool for Tager since it's fully armored against High and Mid attacks and sends Tager a considerable length forward, your also able to charge this move, fully charged sends Tager even more forward and increases damage.

This move is also quite safe on block

5BB (Sledgehammer)

The 2nd part of sledgehammer has Tager smash the ground in front of him, still armored and has a deceptively huge hitbox


Tager slowly revs up and then performs a dashing headbutt across the floor. Solid pressure tool and can be canceled into 2C/5B to be relatively safe on block. Attracts opponents a bit due to be a magnetized move.

Atomic Collider


Tager's anti air grabs

The A version is quite fast and has upper body invincibility, making it a solid anti air, though in terms of damage Tager's other anti airs can do more. Still great as a combo ender.

The B version is slower, but is magnetized, meaning if opponents are reckless while jumping they'll get sucked right into Tager's grab, and unlike the A version this one can be combo 'ed after. This move can also be held to extend it's active frames.

The Issue with the B version however is that, depending on how/when the opponent jumps, the magnetism will cause them to overshoot tager, making this move whiff completely and even possibly being able to punish tager afterwards, use wisely

Gigantic Tager Driver


Tager's classic command grab, very basic move, you get up close, you try and land this move, and if you do you get big damage and the possibility fpor more damage after gadget finger setups. you also feel like a genius after landing this.

The EX version has magnetism, meaning you can hilariously grab opponents from a quarter of the screen away. Makes the opponent feel like an idiot.

Wedge Catapult


Tagers other command grab, long startup but pulls opponents in due to magnetism and it fully invincible until Tager grasps himself (If whiffed.) On successful grab you have access to Tager's best and most damaging combos.

Air Driver


Tager's classic command grab takes to the air.

The A version is just the grounded version but in the air, slightly more damage though

The B version however can be held down to extend it's active frame, and also has magnetism. However like B Atomic Collider, opponents can overshoot Tager. It also has a weird center of gravity when it comes to pulling opponents in.

The EX version is quite interesting, as it's magnetism is exttremly attractive, meaning when used, the opponent will be sucked straight into the center of Tager's hand, as opposed to orbiting around him. Strangely can also be used in combos though very situational.

Gadget Finger

A/B/C after certain moves.

Possibly Tager's most iconic move, does pitiful damage at a flat 100, though crucially it causes the opponent to restand and leaves the opponent close to tager and is considered a grab. Opponents literally have to play RPS to get out of the situation Tager puts you in after this move. Quite a fucked move.

Spark Bolt

236+C (Costs 1 Bar)

Whos idea was this - Dustloop Editor

What if the grappler who had a great close up game also had a tool for the long range aswell. Spark bolt is probably the best projectile in the game, huge, and destroys opposing projectiles. For 1 Bar of meter you can say fuck you to your opponent and deny them their zoning or attempts to approach. If you really wanted to you can also spam this move with multiple bars. He needed this move.


Magna-Tech Wheel

236+B+C (Costs 2 Bars)

Not very interesting honestly, just your standard big damage super.

Magna-tech Wheel + Tera Break

236+B+C (Costs 2 Bars (In Resonance Blaze))

Still not very interesting, spins for longer and adds on Tera Break (Formerly seperate special in the actual Blazblue Games) for extra damage.

Genesic Emerald Tager Buster

214+B+C/720+B+C (Costs 2 Bars) (Air OK)

Now this is what im talking about, Tager's awesome command grab super, does a shitton of damage, invincible startup, and has magnetism so you can even grab opponents a considerable lengths away if they arent expecting it, and to add onto it you can also do it in the air to catch airborne opponents.

Notably, you can input the Supers original command from the other Blazblue Games (720) to get the super aswell and it does slightly more damage.

214+B+C/720+B+C (Costs 2 Bars) (Air OK) (In Resonance Blaze)

Same as norrmal GETB with a cooler animation as he fucking smashes your face into the ground and does even more crapton of damage.

King of Tager

222+B+C (Costs 9 Bars at Level 4 Resonance and when only 1 opponent character left.)

Instant Kill, very cool one at that, im pretty sure he did kill that guy.



The absolute most basic Kanji combo


A lil more spice this time, you wanna aim for 5B as your combo starter.


Combo that ends in air command grab for oki


Combo Utilizing Command Grab and Assist

too lazy to count my 2c inputs, silly and impractical sweep loop combo


Thy basic Tager combo ending in Gadget Finger


Combo utilizing assist and Atomic Collider B


Counterhit 2A combo


Resonance combo showcasing how gadget finger can cancel into supers in this state.


Thanks for reading me blabber and paraphrase my mains. Future pages in this series will be more organized lol

Here are my favorite alts for these 2 btw

Based off Baofu from Persona 2

Not based on anything I just think its a cool color.


Kanji's BBTAG Dustloop Page


Tager's BBTAG Dustloop Page


Me talking about these 2 characters moves was somewhat just me paraphrasing the dustloop wiki :p First page of this style so let me have this so i can get my bearings lol.

also I SWEAR I can do much cooler, practical, optimal combos, I just wanted to use simpler combos for the sake of demonstration.