Mark of a New Era.

Written on 4/7/24

We're here now I guess.

The long awaited spring season comes forth, and at the same time, I've had an ever quaking desire to redesign my site, seemed like a perfect time for my brain juices to churn and after lot's of contemplation, I did it.

and I'm quite happy with the results.

I would like to briefly reflect on my previous site versions though, Since learning HTML/CSS for making a personal site, My tastes have sorta changed in terms of what I wanted out of my own site. Whatever I was going for before now, while cool, wasn't really it for me, or atleast not anymore. A bit of a mess thematically, kind of alot in terms of visuals, and a complete mess under the hood (though its still kind of a mess now).

" circa January-April"

A mess, but a mess I still deeply care for, It was my own site after all and the fact I made something like this made me happy enough. I'm not exactly sure what kind of style I was trying to go for, I think it was a vague "retro" aesthetic, probably just browsed enough neocities sites and took in what i saw via visual osmosis and made the site with what I thought looked neat.

After a while and many redesigns I was just craving something that was, more from less though. I didn't like the theme (or lack there of) of my site, didn't like how sub pages were a little bit inconsistant with eachother, didn't like how my pages weren't responsive. I say more from less though cause if you look at my home page, all the stuff from this previous iteration from my site is still there and accounted for, but is more compact, and simple, and adheres to a relatively consistent style with my current layout.

" for the new millenia, or something"

Almost feels like whiplash how different my new page is, I really wanted to sledgehammer the html/css, and make new files from fresh rather than work on my current files that are a holdover from like, last summer.


The Style and look of my site was a big thing for me, This time around I tried to strike a balance of looking visually appealing and also user friendly.

My current site has a vague "Y2K-ish" look to it though I couldn't actually tell you why I made it that way. I wanted to make headers for my sites content and after messing in Photopea for like an hour, I just kind of came out with it. Rounded edges and striking fonts galore.

I also wanted to use photos with a pixel dot overlay for my new site, that I wanted from the start. Given the current Spring season, and coming Summer, I wanted my background to evoke the enjoyable feelings that often come to me during the warm seasons, traveling to cities, the beauty of a sunrise/sunset, and looking out the window of a long drive back. All very enjoyable memories to me atleast.

Variety is the spice of life

I'd argue that a "Unique" thing that I did with my website both before and now was the inclusion of elements that are randomised on each page load, which includes.

-The Banner

-The blurb under the banner

-The iMac G3 that plays videos

-The Vista window that displays random video game ads

The reason I made these is that for some reason, I'm big on "Unique Experiences", I.E everytime you check out my page, It'll usually always be different from the last time you perused it.

It's silly, but I think It's fun, (and I know atleast one other site was inspired and did the random video game ads thing so I'd like to believe I did something cool.)

In real life, I'm the type who always tries to find something "different" in my routine, even if incredibly small, so I guess this is a way of applying that thought process in my site.

Autoplaying Music/Sounds

This one I admit might be a bit contentious with people who view sites.

I guess upon thinking about it some more another theme with my site is that of like, a video game menu. With Music playing by default, and sounds as you hover over links and elements.

I understand though that this may be a bit intrusive and possibly annoying, alot of people nowadays are already listening to music as they browse sites and such, so opening a page and having more music play on top of that can kinda be alot.

While I recognize the cons that come with implementing this, to that I say (not to sound rude or snarky), It's my personal website. In which I'd like to do and add as I like.

I really enjoy the music and sounds on my site, I did however make an effort to edit the music to be a slow fade in rather than blasting you at full volume, and of course theres always an option to stop the music from playing, my thought process was "I head the music fading in, I don't like that, I'll hover over to the music player and turn that off." I've admittedly seen alot of sites with autoplaying music just blast you with shrill tunes that you aren't able to turn off.

It's also good to tell people at the entrance page that your site does have autoplay, just a quick head ups so their aware. I'd prefer that you turn autoplay on to enjoy my site to the fullest, but not at all neccesary, I think autoplay is off by default on browsers nowadays anyhow.

Just being generally pleasant

Very brief on this one, I just like my site to be just a generally pleasant experience for whoever finds it is all, that's right, I'm talking about YOU, the reader. First and foremost my site is for me of course, not making it for anyone else, but I didn't wanna make my siet hard on the eyes, or confusing for people visiting.

My site is like a home without a lock, and I obviously wanna keep it tidy for people who wander in.


A thing I've been contemplating but ultimate decided against was adding something like a comment box to my site or posts.

I just don't see a need for it, While I enjoy and value messages in regard to my website, I'd like to keep those out of my site directly. If you wanna send me something, theres the guestbook, email, or even my neocities profile

Something I did actually want to implement in my site is the Kudos system. Basically just a like button, I had something similiar with FC2 clap on my older iteration, but I think i prefer this more, even more simple than that and I can put it in posts aswell.

Just a small indicator that you read through my yapping, and enjoyed it, thank you.

To-do list

Like every personal site, My site is always a constant work in progress, and will Never be finished. Here are something I'd like to do for my site in the future.

-Learn Javascript for real, make a music player that has more of what I desire.

-Make site responsive

-Revisit making themes again, maybe.


and that's it, thank you for reading, and accompanying me on this site of mine. Whether you were here from the beginning, or just tuning in.