Numbers are the greatest displeasure


"To Be First Place!"

Yeah, most people on neocities probably now about the whole thing regarding federiefederi, whom ruled neocities with an iron fist, obvious exageration, but It really can't be understated how they cheesed their way to being one of the most followed accounts on the platform. Saying this as someone who admittedly, followed them at one point.

Otherwise though, I have nothing else to say about them, I'd only be echoing what Others have said.

What this post is really about is briefly reflecting on what my site is to me, I've been thinking about before all that weird drama came up anyhow.

Starting off, I recently shared my slight dislike with the Neocities activity feed in a Neocities post (ironic, i know) which was mainly how it was a half baked social media aspect that hasn't been updated in god knows how long. On one hand, it sorta sucks, on another, It's inoffensive I guess?

I high dislike modern social media; not an uncommon opinion with people with personal sites, the Neocities feed is far from bad compared to something like Twitter, but it's really not anything at all.

Nothing truly against Neocities at all aswell, It's a great place to start making a site and I owe it alot, but my site hasn't been hosted on Neocities since January of this year, It's been on the Netlify starter plan which has been doing me wonders. I mention this because I technically don't have much of a reason to be on Neocities aside from "publicizing" my site.

I'm half tempted to just disable my site profile as a whole mainly cause I stopped caring about my site numbers, well, stopped caring even more. Ever since I made this site I came in with the mindset of not caring for stuff like follow count and such (also ironic, considering I followed F+F at a time, but that was more of a "Eh, Couldn't hurt to join" sort of thing) but I guess seeing the number makes me feel, weird? As of this post i have 81,287 Views and 28 Followers, which I assume are "decent" numbers but It's very likely most of those views are from bots and the like. But it's nice to know who likes my site enough to follow me and knowing the sites I follow to keep track of updates too.

I'd rather follow an RSS feed though, please make an RSS feed.

To make a bold claim, I feel like alot of people who start out making their own sites still like the idea of having a following, a carry over from their twitter or tumblr days or something. There's nothing inherantly wrong with that I think? I did mention I do like knowing that people are somewhat interested in what I have to offer, so maybe I'm a hypocrite. But what I mean is that, Don't make stuff on your site for others, make it for yourself, It's YOUR own site. Maybe I'm only really saying this because, one of F+F big things was to bring exposure to smaller sites, and upon thinking about that, why should people care about exposure on Neocities of all places.

If you have a new site and want people to notice, just keep working on your site; someone will take notice, follow the sites you enjoy, leave them nice comments on their guestbook, exchange site buttons, etc. But of course, don't force it, again, do it because you want to, and not because you feel the need to. (I've made a few pages on my previous site iterations that I've since deleted, because I realized I only made them out of comformity.)

You shouldn't care about views or follows or whatever, I know I said I would be echoing others If I talked about F+F, but I think the big flaw with how they went about """"""exposure"""""" was that, It felt artificial, they didn't do it with me, but apparently they were going around smaller site profiles and asking them if they wanted to join. I'm sure that was a red flag for many at the time, but unlike something like a webring, which is more contained, and pertains a specific theme, and also doesn't ask others to join as far as I am aware, Webrings have a reason to exist.

Last thing I wanna mention very quickly is, It's ok to pace yourself in regards to updating your site, you don't need to update everyday, everyweek, or every month if you don't feel like it. Don't burn yourself out, and don't feel to need to always create stuff. I say this cause my Media Log, Fighting Game and Pokemon pages have been sorta been sitting there for a bit, catching dust, I was tempted to say sorry, but what am I sorry for? They'll get their time of days sooner than you think, or maybe they'll languish for longer. The cooking takes time, but the dish will be all the more tastier.

I guess I have nothing else to say about this for the time being, Thanks for reading, Have lovely days, and make an RSS feed today.