I don't like Iframes sorry

Written on 4/12/2024

I didn't know what image to use, but my phone is full of doremi screens.

I initially started this off saying this was a short journal post but ended up saying alot more lol.

But yeah just to start off with why the title is named that, I got rid of iframes on my journal, my site is now officially iframe free. To my pleasure and to the chagrin of all iframe soldiers.

Joking aside... I just don't really like working with iframes, I used to use em alot on older iterations of my site, but as I kept working on my site, figuring out design layouts, and overall just changing tastes, I decided to just forgo them all together.

Not to say theres no reason to use them, or that you shouldn't use them, The main appeal of iframes from my perspective is having a way to switch content on the fly whilst still being within the same page, a good amount of people with personal sites seem to use it solely for that reason or similiar, but I've also seen more crafty uses of it before. It simply fits other peoples needs and not mine.

Though if you wanna ask me what my problem with iframes are, i'd probably just say they feel a bit "cumbersome" for lack of better word. At this point, I'd rather just style and link to an entire page for a journal post (Just like the one your reading!) rather than making a relatively empty page, putting my content in, then in my main page having to change the iframe source to the new journal post page.

Also, middle clicking iframes is a thing, by that I mean if someone middle clicks a page link thats supposed to target an iframe, it'll open that page in a new tab rather than the iframe, meaning that the page will be displayed there. This problem is kind of petty, this assumes that someone will wanna do this in the first place, which is almost never probably, but it does bother me a bit how easy you can do this.

Last thing I'll talk about in regards to iframes is purely just a miff with how they look on my site, on all iterations of my site, whenever i used an iframe, the reading space for the journal or the like was just, small. Sounds stupid considering i was the one that set the width and stuff, but this relates to another, semi unrelated talking point I wanted to write about.

Recently I've been trying to make more of a conscious effort to make my website more accessible/responsive, which is quite a daunting task turns out!

Been recently been doing alot of personal site browsing ranging from simple to, kind of alot. But stumbled across 2 webrings AccessibleNet and Responsive Web. It was quite enjoyable seeing sites that prioritize accessibility and responsiveness whilst still keeping style.

I'm not gonna like, sledgehammer my site again and make it something akin to the sites of those 2 webrings, but It did make me realize that it is in fact important to make a site accessible and friendly to all.

I love how my site looks, and am quite content with it, given it's width it does work on resolutions a good amount smaller, but I think I'd wanna atleast make a mobile layout for the future, and other things that'll make my site accessible enough, I've made efforts under the hood (If you resize my home page enough you'll see a "mobile banner") but still quite daunting and will take a good amount of time, but I know it'll be worth, at the very least, this journal post and the previous and completely responsive, and will work on any screen size. Hooray 🎉

Just one of those things you don't really think about, so I'm glad I've brought it to my own attention.

In other news...

This update marks the introduction of the new music player I "made", quotation marks cause I mainly based it off Nickolox's music player on his site. Big thanks for him giving me permission to use a player based off his code! 🙂

I fiddled around with the code quite alot, the kind of music player I wanted with quite specific and no other player i could find had what I desired; I wanted a player that had a selectable playlist, showed album covers, and played random music after a song ended or on page load, and lo and behold on the home page, I did it! Quite proud of myself even If it wasn't entirely my code (Thanks Again :p).

I had alot of fun styling it and adding music, I didn't really have a specific theme to the site; just stuff I thought fit well on the home page, maybe subconsciously I put in a vague spring theme to it. While I didn't put much mind into theming my playlist, I think with updates at the first of each month, maybe with a color theme change aswell. The summer season always put me in a bubbly and creative mood but why is april so cloudy and cold this year im dying.

My music player isn't as pretty as others you see (In fact I'm not even using a music player here, It's just me loading the mp3 through the audio tag and just attaching the name and album cover on top lol) but It's mine and It suits my needs perfectly. I give my permission to use it if you think you would have a use for it aswell.

By the by I really wanna do more reviews, alot of good to mediocre stuff I'm itchin to write about, and other stuff I wanna rewatch/play to write about for the site. When I'm not occupied that is lol.

To end this off, been trying to learn to draw, I've had a Huion H420 lying around for god knows how long and finally putting it so use, perhaps something will come of it...

Thank you for reading.

(Oh yeah, I was talking about the kudos button last time, i accidentally appended the Kudos of the index and the previous journal post to the same button, oops, this one ic completely independant to this page atleast.)